DreamHost Review: Pros of DreamHost Hosting?

DreamHost is a 23 years old company that specialized in web hosting and other internet services such as server maintenance, cloud computing, and domain registration, etc.

It holds a record of providing more than 1.6 million hosting services around the globe in their long services and while other web hosting companies either went bankrupt or were bought by other companies buy DreamHost stood firm in its ground and continue to improve and develop its services and products.

And that is the reason why corporates and big companies prefer to use their hosting services. And might be wondering what are the pros of DreamHost then let’s how true it is.

The Pros Of DreamHost

Excellent Starter Plans

When compared to the other web hosting services and their basic plans it has been observed that their basic plan misses out on a large number of features which makes the need of customers to purchase costlier plans. A basic plan starts with just under 4 $ and there are many perks of purchasing from DreamHost like such as free domain name, SSL certificate, WP Installer, Unlimited storages, free backups and, free emails, etc.

While that case even the same for other hosting options like VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Cloud Hosting. It can be noted that only that the basic plans miss out in one or two features at max so a basic plan is suitable if you are starting in the business and you can always upgrade your plans at no cost.

High Uptime

DreamHost guarantees an uptime of about 99.6 % which is fairly high when compared to other website hosting providers at this price point and can be deciding factor when choosing DreamHost over others.

Although it claims on their website that 100% is their promise uptime but we understand that it is not easily achievable as internet connectivity and other factors can contribute to it. But 99.9% is the highest possible average uptime.

High Loading Speed

Website Loading speeds have become very important in the world of internet marketing as customers and clients are quick to exits sites that take too long to open. Even a milliseconds lag can result in huge bounce rates so it is important not to miss out on this important factor.

The average ping is about 732 ms which the official website claims and this is a very good number and it can be observed that at most this number doesn’t vary much and is very stable.

Unlimited Data Storages

When choosing a web hosting plan it is important to compare how much data storage a plan is offering as we have mentioned in the start that even the basic plans offer excellent features and huge data storage is one of them.

It is valid and works for some plans but the websites must be managed and maintain in such a way that the application doesn’t use unnecessary storage while if you are using Dream Press and VPS this might not be applicable.

Zero Carbon Policy

If you are concerned about the environment it will make you happy that DreamHost has basically carbon neutral. As they have started to implement Wind Energy and other renewable energy sources to power their facilities and infrastructures.

Apart from that, the lighting was replaced by energy star LEDs which is energy efficient that comes with sensors and HVAC plants in the infrastructures.

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