Three Main Benefits to take HostWinds hosting

Hostwinds is one of the best hosting services providers right now, but it took them years to finally establish as a brand. Now it competes with the likes of Godaddy, Hostgator which are considered to be the best in the business.

Hostwinds is a Canadian web hosting company that is registered as Hostwinds LLC and apart from hosting services, they provide search engine optimizations, virus protection, server maintenance, and domain registration, etc.

When we visited the official website of Hostwinds we liked the simple layout that gives us a good user experience but it takes a lot of clicking to do if you want to read all the plans and so on. I have a good experience in hosting and know that things can work and what doesn’t but it always well to check out the features a company has to offer before making the final call.

The Benefits Of Hostwinds

Multiple Hosting 

Hostwinds have expanded their capacity to provide various kinds of hosting services on the internet. As there are various plans such as shared hosting, private hosting, cloud hosting, and VPS hosting. The shared hosting can be ideal for small business setups as the pricing plans are reasonable while the features that come with this plan lack faster servers, SSD storage which can be found in the business plan or the dedicated hosting plan.

If you want to experience the power of cloud technology you can purchase cloud hosting as you know that most of the companies run on this technology. The main advantage of using cloud hosting is way faster and completely secure with daily backups being one of them.

Have a big business and established business requires plenty of resources that will help the business to run smoothly so VPS hosting, in this case, can help you greatly with it allows the excellent back end management opportunity. There are two kinds of VPS hosting i.e. Managed or Unmanaged and depending on the type of your business style and requirement you can choose one.


When we talk about hosting services there is one time which we might overlook and that is ‘UPTIME’. It is the number of times a website can go down for maintenance or simply the ‘wake up’ time. This can be an important factor for business because if a website frequently goes down then there might be cases where customers or clients start to have reliability or trust issues. Hostwinds has an uptime of nearly 99.99 % which is higher than most Webhosting service providers that are available on the internet today with four established data centers in The US it more unlikely that your website will ever go down. 

Additional Services

There are additional services there are available on the website of Hostwinds and it can be your one-stop go for all the requirements that your business might need.

  •       SSL

SSL certificate is very important for a business and it can be one of the deciding whether a website is secured or not. You can get it registered and enjoy its services.

  •       Email

Email Management is one of tool that your business might need and as it offers the ability to send emails to customer and possible clients.

  •       Domain Registering

Purchases of domain and transfer of a domain can be done via services provided by Hostwinds.

  •       VPN

To keep safe your internet activity and keep it anonymous you can use the VPN service provided by Hostwinds.

Excellent Customer Support

Hostwinds boast of excellent service by providing 24/7 365 availability and one can either talk to the experts directly via mail support.

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