Impact of Information Technology on Human Resource Management

Information technology is a key part of every human life in this era. We might not realize it but Information Technology has a significant impact on our day-to-day activities and this has continued for more than a few thousand years. It can be dated back to 3000 BC that we humans have been storing, manipulating, communicating, and retrieving information in various different ways.

Over the years this has evolved drastically and now we use various different methods to store, retrieve, manipulate and communicate our information/data. Now, IT has become an integral part of our lives and most importantly a very integral part of different businesses such as mobile app development companies, etc.

Impact of Information Technology on Human Resource Management

Employee Recruitment

Most people these days use the Internet and are heavily dependent on it. The active internet users are growing by the millions every year. And this is what the HR of any company is taking advantage of.

Every company needs highly skilled and passionate employees to move forwards. The recruitment processes these days are mostly done online and thus it benefits the employers in many ways. Ways such as it provide the company with efficient employees, then the process of recruitment is quite fast and cheap as well.

One other thing is that a job posted on the internet reaches more people than it does if posted in newspapers, etc. and thus IT has made employee recruitment very easy and efficient.

Data Management

Manual data management is monotonous and time-consuming. But that has changed with the introduction of various apps which has increased the efficiency and effectiveness of the work but that’s not all. IT can protect the information of an organization from the outside world and along with that comes simple ways of maintaining, storing, and sharing information. For example, the records of any employee can be found within a split second. This way the performance of an organization can lead to success, whether or not the business is a stable/unstable environment.

Under the HR professional authorization, employees can use the HRIT resources to participate in the HR activities that help them collect the internal database through a web-based application and gives the freedom for accessing work-related information.

Transformational Impact

With the extensive use of Information Technology, HR professionals get more productive time to focus on business practices and operations. It helps the HR professionals to attend to the organizational issues, strategic development, etc., These transformational activities help the organization develop from multiple aspects.

So, that’s about it. These are some of the impacts that information technology has made on Human resources. We would hope that the provided information has been of help to you.

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