All you need to know about the effectiveness of using plugins on your website!

Using plugins is the best solution to enhance the WordPress capabilities. It is much easier to get some plugins downloaded and install them for the better functioning of your site. There are many useful plugins and tools which can help your website in many possible ways. It is important to make sure you have knowledge about essential plugins so that you don’t forget to install them and ensure the WordPress goodness.

Also, plugins let you use various better features for your website. It is also necessary to understand that there are some plugins which influence and impact your websites in a very good manner and makes it even more creative. It is important to understand which all plugins are essential for your website to run effectively.

With these efficient and best WordPress plugins you can easily track the number of visitors who visit your website and analyse them. The WordPress plugins will let you know the demographics of your visitors and also let you know how others are able to find your website. The Google analytics plugins will help to track your site visitors and also provide you with all the essential details and information. This will help you in taking the best business decisions for your audience as well as for your business growth.

With Sucuri’s Website Security Platform, you can have cloud-based web application firewall which will always filter traffic on your site. Keeping your WordPress website secure is really very important because there are people who would want to or try to break in that can turn out to be dangerous and harm your website too.

MonsterInsights is also one of the best Google Analytics plugins for WordPress. It will track your website’s traffic very easily and shows you detailed reports about your visitors. It also offers you with universal event tracking and also collect useful data for you. It has file download tracking service which tracks how many times a file was downloaded.

When you are in to website making, it is important that you understand everything about caching as well as elements required to strengthen your website’s performance. WordPress has got several caching plugins but using W3 Total Cache plugin is highly recommended. If you optimize all the settings that come along with this plugin, it will help you to improve the performance of your website in a much better way.

Working on your website without the proper knowledge about W3 Total Cache can turn out to be difficult for you. Once you install this WordPress plugin, it is important that you study in detail about the optimal settings of using this plugin and then you are good to go.

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