WIX Review 2022: Pros and Cons of Using WIX Website Builder



Intuitive Website Builder

Not fluid site builder

Free site options

Template can’t be changed

Hundreds of available templates

Design can get unresponsive

Excellent Web Store

Good Uptime

Customer Support

 How to use WIX?

Wix is one of the best website builders or building platforms with hosting if you are planning to build a website with minimum effort and greater efficiency.

It provides a creative outlook and many might have compared it with WordPress, another great platform for building websites. Wix is known for providing sick, excellent, and creative websites and is popular among artists, creators, and other individuals.

However, its use of Flash has been criticized by SEO professionals and technical. Nevertheless, it provides amazing visuals such as animations and video backgrounds.

It has also a very powerful and intuitive website builder which is dragged and drop features and can come handy for people with fewer skills of coding and design.

Pricing & Features

Wix offers various plans and features and serves all kinds of business from small to big businesses. To start using Wix, you need to enter your valid email address and boom you are inside WIX.

Typically, you can get a free domain from Wix but it contains the brand in the URL. In order to completely remove have a brand free URL, you need to purchase a combo plan, which starts at 14 $ per month. It will give access to the site address, and lets you have 3GB of storage along with 2 GB of bandwidth. We believe that Pro Plans is one of the best in the business as it offers unlimited Bandwidth, 20 Gb  Storage, and the ability to connect customized domains.


Wix has continuously paid an enormous amount of effort in improving the uptime. Uptime is a vital element of web hosting services and relying on factors such as uptime and performance. Therefore, our blog too highly depends on factors like these.

Hence, it is important to find the hosting providers which are reliable so that your website is always up and running. If your website is down for most of the days it can impact your business and the overall reputation of the site. Even loading speeds matters, it is reported that if a site has failed to load under 2 seconds, people exit it without second thoughts. Hence uptime and loading speeds are important.


Wix has one of the best customer services in the market. Since its intuitive to use most of its services primarily the site builder, on the rare occasion you will ever contact the customer care. Nevertheless, the Wix customer support team can be accessed via the help center that operates on weekdays 5 am-5 pm (Pacific  Standard Time).

Like most of the company uses chatbots, Wix to opens the chat by using these bots. Since these are machine leaned, they can resolve only minor issues but to resolve major issues you need to contact a support agent.

Wix E-commerce

If you are planning to run an e-commerce store, Wix offers great capabilities for e-commerce. The store plan which is particularly focused on business has pre-made templates and designs, all you have to do is to change the products from the gallery. If you purchase the e-commerce premium plan it will ensure that you have the functionality and capacity to run a full-fledged store.

The e-com functionality has all the goods for creating multiple pages such as product page, shopping cart, product pages, and thank-you pages. You can add payment methods as well as add logistics options in your store.

There are other marketing integrations that can be synchronized with e-commerce stores such as Paid advertisement, Social posting and Email Marketing, etc. You can add other tools to improve your productivity and workflow of the business.


Wix is a great platform for building your business and it is better suited for e-commerce stores and portfolios. It offers an amazing interface and ability to build graphic-rich websites.

It might not be the best platform for such blogging because it is not very SEO friendly. However, we believe that this will change soon in the near future. Peace out!

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