Before choosing any web hosting, what’s the first that we ask ourselves?

“Is this web hosting good?”

And right after that, we just fire up our PC and check the reviews of that certain web hosting!

And that’s exactly what happened when I was about to choose my first web hosting. 

Though this post is not about my “web hosting choosing journey,” but coincidently, both of these are the same. 

Hostinger is my first web host, and I still use it to this very day!

(PS: This not a paid review. Everything that has been mentioned here is my very own experiences.)

So how good is Hostinger? Will it be good for your website?

Well, that is what we are going to answer in this post today!

Hostinger: How Good Is It?

It might be new to some people, but Hostinger has been providing us with reliable web hosting for nearly a decade now. 

Yes! More than a decade!

They started out as, which is a free web hosting service that has no advertisement. The name Hostinger was chosen by them in the year 2011, and thus it began from there. 

So, if you take the part of into account, that would be more than a decade of reliable web hosting. 

Now, coming back to Hostinger being any good or not again. 

Well, accord to me, Hostinger is a great web host, and you can choose it for your websites. 

So, why do I think that Hostinger is a good choice?

Here are some facts to support my decision. 

Let’s start with uptime!

Top-Notch Uptime

Now Uptime probably is the most important thing when it comes to Web Hosts.

And Hostinger performs brilliantly in this area. 

You might be quite aware of the fact every web host out there promises to provide its users with 99.99% uptime. 

But there’s not even a handful of web hosts that can provide such uptime. 

And Hostinger is also one of the web hosts that is unable to provide such uptime, but the fun fact is that the uptime it provides is close to that number and exactly 99.96%. 

This easily puts Hostinger among the top 7 best web hosts when it comes to uptime. 

The average uptime of Hostinger mentioned here is based on what I’ve found after going through my analytics data. 

Thus, Hostinger will keep your website up and running without any setbacks. 

Superb Site Load Speed

Next comes the website load speed. 

According to Google, the load speed of a site should be 3seconds. After conducting a study, it was confirmed that around 40% of people abandon a website when it takes more than that.  

So, if your site takes more than that, then you would most likely lose quite a huge chunk of traffic. Apart from that, the bounce rate of your site would drastically increase as well. 

So, it is always recommended that you choose a web host that can promise you fast site loading. 

And Hostinger is someone who promises and provides just that. 

Their servers are located in parts of the USA, Europe, and Asia, and each of these servers reconnected to a 1000Mbps connection. And this is how they promise faster site loading. 

Free Website Builder and Domain Name

A lot of web hosts these days have started providing free domain names for the first year. 

But Hostinger is one of the first web hosts to do that. They provide a free domain for the first year, along with their premium and business web hosting plans. And truth be told, this will save you a lot of money in the long run. 

But if you were to choose another domain, then you need to pay extra for that and so on and so forth. 

Now, Hostinger also has a Website Builder.

This helps people to build their web site from scratch. Generally, this is a tool that is meant for the newbies, but advanced users can also use this tool. 

The toll contains quite a lot of templates that have been designed by professional web designers. And not just that, if you want, you can customize them according to your choice as well. 

Affordable Web Hosting Plans

The Single web hosting plan available with Hostinger comes 100GB bandwidth, one email account, and along with it also has one MySQL database and 10GB of disk space. 

Now, that is the most basic web hosting plan that is available with Hostinger. And since it’s a basic plan, the features are pretty basic as well. 

Moving on from that, the best plans available with Hostinger are the Premium and Business Plans. The plans are flooded with features, and when you sign up with them, you get access to an unlimited number of emails. 

The bandwidth of these plans is unlimited, and on top of that, you can set autoresponders, then enable or disable accounts, etc. 

Besides these, they also have other hosting plans such as Cloud Hosting, Email Hosting, Email Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, Windows VPS Hosting, and also Minecraft Hosting. 

And with the help of this Minecraft Hosting, you can start you own the Minecraft server. The price of this plan is not that high as well. 

East to Use Control Panel

Control panel is another important aspect of web hosting, and most web hosts use a traditional control panel like the cPanel, and some even use SPanel or some other version of the same. 

Hostinger has come up with its own version of the control panel, and for new users, it would be quite easier than the cPanel. 

But if you are someone who’s already accustomed to cPanel, then you might not like its dashboard. 

The interface is very simple, and track logins, billing information, monitoring emails, and also managing your domains can be done from the dashboard with ease. 

This also comes with bigger than average icons, which help you in finding what you want with ease. 

It’s a great option for getting your website up and running. 

Great Customer Support

The core of every great web host is customer support. 

The reason great customer support is necessary because there’s always a chance that your website might face technical issues. And if you are not able to get in touch with the customer support, won’t it result in the loss of quite a lot of sales? 

Hostinger is one such web host that can provide you with great support. You can reach them via live chat, and integrated Intercom is their main support system. 

The only problem is that to access that live chat option; you need to be logged in. 

The response time is pretty fast as well, and I had to wait only for a few seconds before one of their executives got in touch with me. And he was pretty knowledgeable as well.

Apart from that, they also offer huge knowledgebase. Here you can find the solution to almost all your website related issues. 

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Hostinger has this money-back guarantee in place that will let you get all your money back. 

So, if you don’t like the services provided to them, then you can simply get your money back by opting for this option. 

But be aware of the fact that this is not applicable to all products available with Hostinger. 


Well, this web host, i.e., Hostinger, provides its users with great plans and features, and along with that, it also has a money-back guarantee and great customer support. 

What else could one ask from a web host?

So, if you are considering to purchase web hosting from Hostinger, then just go for it as it really is good for your website.

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