Network security types

Network security means to secure the network from different unwanted and risky practices. These days the rate of cyber crime is increasing rapidly. So the network is mandatory to have. Otherwise hackers can hack the system and access the confidential data which can be used in a negative way. It identifies and targets the threats to the system and stops them from entering into the system. There are different network security types which we will discuss now.

  1. Network access control (NAC):

This is used to control the activity of who can or cannot access the network. First you need to identify the device or user that is allowed into the network. After that you can control the devices and the activity that someone can do in the network. There are some behavioral analytical tools which are used to find out what is normal and abnormal behaviour in terms of security.

  1. Application security:

This type of security is used to protect the different applications you use. Application security is important to have as there is no app which is perfectly designed. Every app has some loopholes and weaknesses which could be beneficial for the hacker and the app can be hacked easily. Everyone uses apps for different purposes and sometimes confidential data is entered in the app, so the application security is a must.

  1. Antivirus and anti malware software:

Network security types include security software also which protects the network from malware, Trojans, viruses, etc. which enters into the system by different means and corrupts the files. Sometimes they enter the system and sit quietly for days and weeks and then show their activity. Antivirus and anti malware software scans the system and detects the malware.

  1. Email security:

This is the most important security type as emails generally consist of sensitive and personal information related to business or personal. If it gets hacked, the hacker can send the wrong emails to the clients, can send the malware files or even misuse your personal details, so email security is of utmost importance. Email security applications can help in the prevention of such activities.

  1. Wireless security:

Nowadays everything is going wireless and wireless networks are not as secure as wired ones and can be hacked easily by hackers. Therefore you need wireless security. The power of the wireless network should be strong.

So there are different network security types according to the type of infrastructure.

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