How to Fix the 500 Server Error

It typically means that certain parts of your web server are not properly configured or the application is attempting to do something when you hit an internal server error and the server fails to execute the request due to a conflict or constraint. Only fixes to the Web server program may overcome this error. It is up to the Web server site administrators to find and review logs that should provide more information about the mistake.

How to Fix the 500 Server Error

Server Timeout

The 500 Internal Server error is sometimes because the server is timed out or you are running a timed out the script. By adjusting TimeOut 600, you can increase the Apache server timeout in the httpd.conf file. If the server is busy, needs to be rebooted, or the connection is lost, an internal server error of 500 can still be recorded by the script.

Script Timeout

The 500 Internal Server error often occurs because the script you are running is timed out . There are a variety of things that can go wrong if your website depends on scripts (for example, Perl or CGI files). It could be that a PHP or other server-side script has timed out. This may be due to a programming mistake that placed the script in an infinite loop or an inaccessible resource. If you run a script, such as PHP, for example, you can also increase your time out of this.

Errors in .htaccess files

Occasionally, this error can be caused by an error encoding the .htaccess file. On your site, the .htaccess can interfere with the web page you are linking to load. Please double-check the configuration of .htaccess for any potential syntax error that could cause an internal server error of 500. Either delete or rename the .htaccess file temporarily to confirm if the .htaccess misconfiguration is the cause of the 500 Internal Server error, and then attempt to reload the tab.

Server Permission

Most generally, this error is caused by incorrect permissions in a file or folder containing one of the scripts. There’s no bug throwing the script since the server can’t even run the script. Check to see what the permissions should be and make sure they are configured on the server that way.

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