How is technology making our life better?

The advancement and the existence of technology in our lives has definitely made our life much easier, faster and also better. It has led to the development of various multi-functional devices which can even create fashion statements when you step out. Such devices are smartwatches, smartphones, laptops which can be used as a tablet too and many more.

More importantly the technology has changed the way we communicate with our near and dear ones. It has become the companion for those who live a lonely life or also for people who find technology to be more fun than the relationships and family around you. It is simply hard to imagine life without technology.

Technology is one of the many sources of entertainment for us as well as it provides us with news and information about the world. Technology has been revolutionizing on daily basis and it has become hard to imagine a single day without the use of technology. It has created various and more amazing devices for us to use and entertain ourselves with. It has reduced the manual labour and has it has become the most intelligent than ever.

Technology is part of our life. Just like how things have both positive as well as negative side to it, same way technology has both the sides too. Cell phones and computers which are the applications of quantum mechanical physics and maths could give you a headache.

Technology has of course made our life easy. Now you have coffee makers and tea makers which will prepare you better coffee and tea and many other drinks too. You can take a shower without any manual work actually; you just need to stand below the shower pipe and it will pour water over your body. As simple as that.

Also, it has led to advancements in the medical world by providing safety, mobility and also connectivity. The medical apps are available now which will help you to stay proactive if you are down with diabetes or arthritis. It has influenced all of us in the greatest manner. They help in passing the information across the globe. Also, the massive development of the social media platforms like Facebook, twitter has forced people to use it for the information as well as for entertainment.

We have also taken technology for granted now. Society has changed in terms of productivity. We have become lazy thinking that technology will do the work for us and we actually step back from doing it manually. It would be better if we humans and technology go hand in hand and create wonders.

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